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How to make effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategy in 2020

By Social Media Marketing

By 2020, LinkedIn has more than 600 Million users. For Business Owners looking to expand their business exposure in B2B segment, then LinkedIn is the right place to target.

LinkedIn Marketing also allows you to generate quality leads for your Business, build a professional network and also allows to search for potential employees or expert workforce.

Trust me, having an effective LinkedIn Marketing strategy can be extremely beneficial for your business, LinkedIn also has highest organic reach among all other Social Media Platforms.

Here are some valuable tips which will help you to design your LinkedIn Marketing Strategies in 2020 and give your brand bigger exposure.

Write long content, Use Relevant Images, Keywords & Hashtags

Professionals prefer LinkedIn because unlike other Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram Twitter, there are no distracting elements like Viral Memes or Videos that pops up on your News Feed.

The content that you find on LinkedIn is very for very niche  audience and it is highly tailored for Professionals. Content forms like Case Studies, Charts, Business News or Product Info is what audience expect on LinkedIn.

Using relevant images, keywords and hashtags helps your post to get discovered by correct audience following those keywords.

Fully optimized Company Page and Employee Profiles

Human’s nature is to judge and on LinkedIn you are judged by Company Page and Profiles. Just like you would not go for a client meeting in a track pant and messy hair, similarly well managed Page and LinkedIn Profile is always welcomed and appreciated.

Users who wants more info about your brand would certainly look for your company name and when they find a company page with lot of errors, typo mistakes, improper bio, no well-designed content, they are not going to take you seriously. Take time to optimize your LinkedIn Page & Profile.

Employee Advocacy will create wonders

People believe and trusts a brand by Social Proof. And an Employee of the company having faith in its own company strengthens your Social Proof.

Just go and do a small exercise with your team, ask them to make their LinkedIn Profile and follow your company page and also list it as their Employer. This will increase the credibility of your brand/company.

For Instance: A user sees a company “A” with 100 Employees providing Digital Marketing Services, and another company “B” with 10 Employees providing same services, anyone will consider company A as more reputed.

Consistency is the key to Success in LinkedIn Marketing

Consistency is the differentiator between winners and losers. And trust me the secret to success in marketing is also commitment and being consistent in what you are doing and posting.

Plan your content calendar well before and create a monthly strategy document of what and when you are going to post on your company page. The most successful LinkedIn Pages post content every single day or may be alternate days. To be a successful brand and higher number of followers on LinkedIn stick to a strategy and post consistently with relevant images, keywords and use hashtags. (Refer point number 1)

Understand behavior of your Target Audience, Know them

Whenever you create a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy you should always keep an Ideal target audience in your Mind. Also there is a strong campaign platform available within LinkedIn where you can take following factors in consideration to select your audience. Know their habits, how they spend their time on LinkedIn, which industry they belong to, What’s the age group you are targeting, what type of content do they prefer.

Get truly involved in researching about your target audience, spend maximum time to select your ideal target audience.

Use proper hashtags to get discovered

Hashtags have always played a very vital role in Social Media Marketing. They support and leverage the visibility and searchability of your content, write use of keywords and hashtags is very important.

There are various tools available online to research for appropriate hashtags for your business, even LinkedIn suggests relevant hashtags for the content you are posting. Ideally you can use 7-10 Hashtags in a post to generate appropriate visibility.

Power of Lead Generation and Sponsored Ads

Millions of professionals and business owners use LinkedIn on daily basis. It’s a platform to leverage your business growth with the help of LinkedIn Ads. Provide proper effective content and build authority on your niche audience. Perform Lead Generation campaigns on LinkedIn among your target audience, get Quality leads and follow them with full confidence.

To make best use of your LinkedIn Marketing Strategies or you need any help in getting your strategies designed. We are always at your service. You can follow me on LinkedIn here. Myself Aditya Bajaj, Founder of a Digital Marketing Agency in Surat, India.

Connect with me on WhatsApp.

The Importance of Social Media Marketing in Business

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A lot of people are joining social media sites and using them regularly/efficiently, the social media industry booming like never before. Your business should take advantage of it if you…

The Importance of Social Media Marketing in Business

By Social Media Marketing

A lot of people are joining social media sites and using them regularly/efficiently, the social media industry booming like never before.

Your business should take advantage of it if you want it to survive. Every business today needs to leverage proper social media channels in the best possible way because their target audience is hanging around the popular social networks and engaging with their favorite brands and connecting with them on different levels.

Your business needs to leverage sites like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to keep up with the competition.

Benefits of FACEBOOK for Business

Involves low-cost for marketing
Marketing activities cost thousands of dollars through other channels but Facebook can be used for the same with a comparatively lesser amount. This makes it ideal for small to medium businesses with a limited marketing budget & also for the Larger businesses to trial marketing concepts and themes through Facebook before committing to bigger campaigns.

Access to existing and potential customers
You can use Facebook to stay connected to existing and potential customers by posting and receiving messages. This increases your credibility and promotes your business by building long-term relationships with other users.

Prompt Customer Support
A prompt reply is what a user desires when in utter need. They can post after-sales questions on your Facebook wall, and your team can promptly  answer them there.

Bring traffic to your website
You can include a link of your website on your Facebook page. Indeed, many businesses report that the greatest benefit of Facebook is the extra traffic that it steers to their site.

Targeted advertising
Facebook can analyse all the information that millions of users enter into their profiles. As the owner of a business page, you can pay to use this information to deliver targeted advertising to a specific group.

Use of Facebook Places
Facebook Places allows users to ‘check in’ on mobile devices at a particular place, so that their others can see their location on Facebook. Facebook Places also identifies popular places close to where a user checks in and shows particular deals available at those places.

Benefits of INSTAGRAM for Business

Get more Audience
Within few years, Instagram has been able to attract more people than any other social media website ever did. It has reached more than 150 million active users. Thus, if you are not using Instagram for business, it means you might be missing out on millions of potential customers.

Over ⅓ of Instagram users have purchased a Product Online
Business largely look for sales be it through any medium.
Instagram has the highest number of people buying items through it when compared to any other platforms. So if you are looking for sales, Instagram is a must have platform by your sales team.

Easy Track of ROI
This benefit of Instagram may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many companies invest into platforms without gauging the effectiveness of it!
Since Instagram uses the same Ads Manager platform as Facebook, it has all of the same tracking capabilities that Facebook has and so ROI can be easily tracked and improved upon.

Re-target to other social media platforms
All of the website traffic you send from Instagram can be re-targeted on other platforms as well such as Facebook, Google etc.
Cross-promoting channels and marketing efforts allows you to extend the reach of that channel and encourage existing followers to keep track with your brand on other platforms.

Benefits of LINKEDIN for Business

For B2B companies
In the current scenario, LinkedIn has now crossed Facebook as the most important platform for B2B companies and marketers.

LinkedIn has emerged as an effective platform for lead generation
Several studies have suggested that traffic generated through LinkedIn referral had the best and the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate amongst the different social networking sites.

Source and engage top talent
Top talent throughout the world uses LinkedIn, and the platform makes it incredibly simple to connect with potential employers and recruiters and grow your professional network.

I hope you liked the above blog. Underscore is the best Social Media Marketing Agency based in Surat. We provide services of Facebook Lead Generation, Instagram Marketing, LinkedIn Lead Generation, Google Ranking Etc.

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