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& Whatsapp

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“Every Message is an Opportunity. Delight your customer with each one everytime”

Online marketing is an essential need when it comes branding, but when we are talking about earning an actual customer, the aim is little harder & nothing can comparatively provide you best results like SMS/Whatsapp Broadcasting. Sending every one personal message makes the brand look more caring and connective in the mind of the customer and creating good brand image helps in transforming leads into business.

Utilizing proper method in an accurate way. It helps the brand in creating more awareness about the brand and this turns into a huge benefit for the brand if done on regular basis. SMS/Whatsapp broadcasting is an efficient, less costly and one direct way to connect with your regular consumers. In this method, the brand gives utmost importance to its client as the messages can be customized.

1. SMS have highest CTR (Click Through Rate) Compared to any other medium
2. Mobile marketing over SMS have increased in usage by 111%from 2015 to 2016.
3. 59% of consumers prefer to receive text alerts on their orders from retailers and brands.
4. Text messaging can reach over 1 billion devices across India.

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